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Inside the mind of a ShatteredFrame...

When I was young I dealt with my pain though writing. I used to fuel my healing process with poetry. I would write until I felt better. I was officially addicted. Fast forward to about grade eight; I started writing under the name ShatteredFrame. The more I grew, the more I realized how much I liked this name. This name to me stood for all I had been through, all the pain I had felt and seen in my lifetime. When I realized I wanted to be a photographer I absolutely knew that was the name I would be using for my business. I wanted to be known for taking something so full of emotion and turning it into something timeless and beautiful. If you take a look at my images you will notice that most of them have the same type of feel to them, That being said I feel I should clue you in on my absolute addiction for almost all things vintage! I see breathtaking beauty in things most others would completely ignore. I like to tell people that my favorite photos are vintage love and antique lust framed with a creative eye! Faded, but never forgotten... And if it is forgotten, I hope to remind you of it's beauty. 


My promise to you is that I will not fall short of pouring my being into your session. To me, this is my art. I want to be remembered for the photographer who cherished your moments as much as you did. My clients become lasting impression on my heart and I will not stop striving to leave my mark on your story. I am an open book, open minded and extremely passionate about what I do. Photography is a feeling, it is a part of me and if we work together I hope to become a part of your life through my lens. 

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