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Why be whole when being shattered is so much fun?

Updated: May 26, 2022

Hello and welcome. I know; you're thinking what kind of title is this?! Here I am for the first time blogging. I will be completely honest; I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M DOING! Ha-ha. Whew! That felt good to say, rather type, out loud.

I have always wanted to do this so here I am. I am raw, honest, completely and utterly winging it! I suppose I will start by explaining the title...sure...that sounds like a good place to start. The name ShatteredFrame (one word on purpose) comes from when I was a lost teenage wan-a-be poet. I wrote a poem that ended with the phrase: Deceived eyes, broken lips...a Shattered Frame. I was just so deep back then. Ha-ha. All jokes aside I really ran with that thought and image internally. I grew up with quite a bit of pain bottled up inside such a compact frame. It was hard to be anything outside of a whirlwind of an animated, blunt, ball of pent up angry or mixed emotions and hidden hurt. We didn't exactly have an "easy" childhood, of course, it could have been WAY worse.

I have always written with a bit of an edge that wasn't the normal poetic teenager. I started writing poetry when I was younger. Not the normal roses are red, I love my mommy and my bed type of poetry. I mean, don't get me wrong I started there, but as early as fifth grade I was writing things such as: Unforgivable Love. I'll never forget it because I won a little blue ribbon in a contest for our fifth grade class. After that I pretty much wrote whenever and for any or frankly no reason at all. I wrote to work out some of my internal demons for the lack of better words. It made me feel better about some of the things in life that I could not control. The things I shouldn't have noticed or been aware of. The pain, desires, and struggles of others, my own pain and confusion as well as that of a complete stranger. I wrote what I saw, what I thought, what I saw in my dreams...I just wrote because It was a release. It was and is a part of me. I was a fractured wanderer. I always had an understanding of the deeper and darker parts of life that most others my age didn't. Call it a blessing or a curse; I still don't know.

I have always been eccentric. Always been an extrovert, loud, harshly blunt, a bit aggressive and extremely passionate! I have a habit of throwing my entire being into something once I have decided it was what I wanted. I can honestly say that has worked out for me for the most part. I have always had a love affair with all things artistic. I'm sure I drove my mom nuts with all my home made clothes (when I say homemade I mean more along the lines of taking a razer blade and a rough sponge to my jeans to turn them into shredded works of art, ha-ha)! I poorly painted anything I desired and crafted badly to express whatever project I was on at that moment. So, it was only natural that I roll over the ShatteredFrame label that I had given myself all those years ago into my new and absolutely true artistic!

I have to look back now and Here I am, Shattered, Broken, Fractured...and still a whole lot of passion. I will never look back and regret taking this leap into the art of photography. I have mentally been prepping for this career my whole life. I just didn't know it yet. I didn't know that the pen would eventually turn into a camera! I didn't know that what was once so much pain and confusion would morph into certainty and an identity that is as much a part of me as the air I breath. I didn't know that my poetry would turn into a body of work that will eventually be timeless. I only hope to be a piece added to an extremely complex world. The thought that I might be remembered for embracing the poetic justice that a lens can bring to a feeling inside make me continue this path whole or not. I am ShatteredFrame and proud of it!


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